Friday, January 27, 2012

34 weeks!

      Okay, sorry for posting a little late again! I try to post every Wednesday when I reach a new week, but I get tired by the time my photographer (Matt) gets home from work...I'm lazy. Anyway... here is my 34 week picture! I'm puffy everywhere these days, face, hands, feet, know. My belly button is officially confused! The top is an outie, the bottom flat. My engagement ring and wedding band no longer fit so I feel like an unwed teenage mother when I'm out and about sometimes. (Matt and I did get carded to see a rated R movie, so yeah...). 

     Also, I've got some good news and bad news. Good news...Our crib and dresser came in this past week!! Bad news....It was the wrong crib! Grr. At least I have the dresser to organize. I called the furniture store in a panic.  I don't exactly have 6-8 weeks to wait for a new crib to come in! The customer service lady assured me it would be here in 2 weeks and that they will deliver and assemble the crib! So that's nice. Fingers crossed the next crib is the right one!  I was able to sew the curtains for the nursery this week. And if I do say so myself they turned out really cute. I just need to get Matt to put in a hook so I can pull them to the side. I'm really excited and anxious to get the nursery completely done! Hopefully in 2 weeks! Well, until next week. Hope you have a great weekend! 

Sorry the lighting is so bad! The curtains are white with really light
pink polka dots, then I added pink puff ball trim to the edges! 


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

33 weeks!

       Hello! So, I can't believe I am 33 weeks! Only 4 weeks until this baby is considered full term, and only 7 weeks until my due date! Doctors appointment today went well. She is measuring at 32 weeks, but I am totally fine with a slightly smaller baby! The doctor wasn't concerned because she is growing...and boy the scale reflects that! After my appointment I raided Michael's scrapbook section and started making a mobile for the nursery! I only have 2 done so far but they turned out so cute I had to take a picture! Now if only our crib would make an appearance, I'd be a little less stressed out! Also, it's hard to nest without a dresser to organize...

P.S. I got the pattern for the paper globes on this blog. She has a pretty cool blog with some free patterns!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

32 weeks!


      Here is my belly picture from 32 weeks. I don't feel much bigger than the last picture, but I still feel huge!  She has been super active, especially after my mint chocolate chip ice cream at night (okay and sometimes for breakfast!). I've been feeling great, more heartburn lately but still no morning sickness (fingers crossed).

Matt and I have slowly been getting our house into shape! I've decided it's good enough to post pictures. We still need curtains for most of the house. Of course the game room was first for curtains so there was no glare on Matt's Call of Duty video game...boys! Pretty soon the house will be taken over by baby stuff, but I can't wait!

 Here is the outside of the house, we love the location! It is 5 houses down from a park that is always full of kids playing and the entrance to the neighborhood has a small pond and waterfall! Hopefully we are here long enough for baby girl to enjoy the park!
 The entryway.

                                 Buddy's perch on the stairs...

The game room upstairs.

 The  nursery....still waiting for furniture!
 The guest room...

                             Another spare room that houses all my crafts!
 The dining room.

The family room.
 looking into the kitchen from the family room! 

                                                          The kitchen.

 looking over the breakfast bar into the family room.
The eat in kitchen!

 Our room...still need curtains.

Our bathroom completes the tour! Don't look in the closet that's where I put all our clothes that were on the floor for the picture...haha. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

31 Weeks!

     Well I think Matt and I realized this baby is going to be here in 2 months or less and freaked out! We have been busy busy busy. This past weekend we (Matt) painted the nursery, and framed the artwork. Matt finished his bookcase and I made bibs (mostly for fun). Now if only our furniture would get here! Unfortunately our glider will be getting here just as baby girl will be making her appearance!  Oh well. Here are some pictures from the past weekend...

This is the artwork we purchased off of Etsy, It looks so good and matches the  bedding really well.  

The doll house bookcase that will sit next to the glider in the room. It just needs some paint, and the backing.  Matt did such a good job!

The bibs I made...mostly just for fun!

The nursery paint....we copied a room from pottery barn kids. The artwork will go in the stripe on the wall
It turned out really well!!