Monday, October 28, 2013

Toddler Charlie

      Oh, the trouble with being a toddler. Your mom dresses you like a character you have never heard of and forces you to sit on some hay only to shove a camera in your face. Sorry Charlie! But you make such a cute Pebbles Flintstone! I must say, I love this age, meltdowns and all. She has become a parrot repeating EVERYTHING I say...and don't teach toddlers the word "bench" unless you want to get weird looks in the mall as your kid screams a word very close to bench, but with more of a "T" sound in there...oh man! Charlotte is still my small little peanut, unintentional curse words and all. I love her personality. It takes her a while to warm up to people but once she does she's full of eskimo kisses and high fives.  She loves to dance, and sing! She sings the bubblegum song constantly and makes her stuffed animals do patty cake all day long. Nov. 5th she will be 20 months old and the countdown to her 2nd birthday begins...Okay Charlie, you can stop growing up now :)  Here are our latest adventures!
The last pool days of Summer...
Charlotte's first wedding...She was a dancing machine! 
Play time!
Tagging along with mommy and daddy while shopping, and her first Carousel ride!
The many faces of Charlie
First day of Preschool, First official School picture (with ladybug) and a happy Pebbles at the Zoo!
A trip to Indiana and wedding dress shopping with Aunt Sam!!

Fort Wayne Zoo! 
Story time, play time, and first Ponytail! 

Well my little duckling...You are just awesome...that is all! :)