Wednesday, February 29, 2012

38/39 weeks!

Update!!! I had my doctors appointment today and everything is looking great. Last night I had lots of braxton hicks contractions, nothing consistent :( But there is an end in sight! I am scheduled to go to the hospital Tuesday, March 6th at 8pm for an induction if she doesn't decide to come out on her own before then! I can't believe that she will be here in a week or less!! I am so excited to have an end date in sight, hopefully she comes naturally on her own before March 7th. But knowing that I have an end that isn't so far away has helped relieve some stress!

And, I think Matt and I have decided on a name....FINALLY! We have a list narrowed down to 3 names, but one name that we like the best. We are going to wait until we see our precious baby girl before we decide for sure. Well, I'm off to clean the whole house again...hopefully it will start some more contractions!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

36/37 weeks!

Oh my goodness, I'm 37 weeks pregnant! I never thought I would make it this far...whew!  Everything is going great, she is still measuring right on schedule so that's good. Matt and I just made a big trip to babies R us and got the rest of the stuff we needed to get ready for baby girl. And I must say I'm pretty proud of our coupon usage. We saved over $100.00! This Monday I have an appointment with a pediatrician we are thinking of using.  I  hope it goes well, I don't want to have to make more appointments to meet with pediatricians!

Last weekend we made a trip to Bartlesville, OK for a baby shower. (No I did not tell my doctor I was traveling, I'm pretty sure he would have told me NO, but nothing's all good!) It was a wonderful baby shower and I feel so blessed to have those people in our life! Here are some pictures I stole from my mother-in-law :)

The table with all the yummy treats!  
The hostess with the mostess...Gigi and I. 

My mom and Dad traveled all the way from Indiana. I was so happy to have them there! 

My mother-in-law Jan, Gigi and my mom. 

Playing games, my mom over estimated my belly size! 

Feeling very blessed with everyone's generosity! 

Opening gifts...the Quilt Matt's Aunt Ramona made, it has running shoes on the cute! 

Once Matt and I got back from the shower we got to work completing the nursery! Here are some pictures of the finished product! 

And now we just wait for baby girl....SO EXCITED!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

35 Weeks!

I thought this was fun! Only a couple more photos to go! 
     Well, my 35 week appointment went well today. She is still small, but growing! Now I'm going to weekly doctors appointments! That means I'm getting close!!  This weekend is our birthing class, I'm very interested in how Matt is going to do :)  Other then that not much is going on. I have done all of baby girl's laundry to get ready for her.  I guess you can say I'm nesting because I've been organizing various closets in the house too. If only I had the urge to clean the kitchen! Hope everyone has a great week!