Saturday, April 25, 2015

6 months!

Happy half birthday Owen and Max! As I'm trying to write this post I completely realize how much of a whirlwind and a blur the last 6 months have been! As the boys are getting older it is much easier to tell their little personalities apart from each other. Max oh Max, you are the spirited one. Always wanting to be loved on and bounced. You love your paci and lovie blanket. But you are also quick to give out huge smiles and belly laughs. You love peek-a-boo with Charlotte and kisses from everyone! Cool guy Owen, you are happy wherever we put you. That is unless it's in bed at 7pm...then you are a complete mess. You  like to fly in the sky, and cuddle. You love belly kisses and will roll all around the room. 

Both boys are sitting up pretty well, but still need safety pillows just in case. You both roll from back to belly and belly to back. Max is trying to army crawl and usually end up scooting backwards. Owen is happy just rolling around.  They nurse about 6 times a day and wake up ALL THE TIME at night to eat....we are working on that! We started solids a week before they turned 6 months and seem to enjoy everything so far. We have tried avocado, sweet potato, peas, and banana. At the boys 6 month check up Owen was 14 pounds, 10 ounces and 25.75 inches long. Max was 16 pounds, 2 ounces and 25.75 inches long too. 

3 months top, 4 months bottom. 

5 months top, 6 months bottom

bottom left Owen, bottom right Max

Owen in the suspenders, Max in a tie.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday Charlotte!

Charlotte's 3rd birthday has come and gone. She is becoming such a big girl with a big personality! She has become a leader (that's what you're supposed to say instead of bossy right?!) and an empathetic little girl. She loves to play in her kitchen and make stinky cheese tea, and loves using her drill to put together her helicopter and airplane toys. Her favorite books at the moment are The Book With No Pictures, and Pete The Cat.  Charlotte loves her brothers and gives them hugs and kisses all the time now. She loves to play peekaboo with Max who gives out big belly laughs! She loves to watcth Doc McStuffins and we had a little Doc McStuffins themed party at Grandma and Grandpa's house with Aunt Gigi and Uncle Scott and Charlotte's new cousin Avery!

Charlotte is such a smart little girl (I'm her mom and of course I think she's smart!). She recognizes all the letters in the alphabet and most of the sounds they make! We have been working on site words and she can read the words and, the, and dog. She can spell her name (although the L and O get switched a lot). She counts to 20 and we have been working on simple addition problems. We are almost done with her alphabet book where we have been doing letter crafts for the uppercase and lowercase letters. We are working on writing her name, and she loves to cut paper with scissors.

Charlotte loves going to preschool and now insists on getting dressed herself and doing her own hair. She looks like a raggedy ann doll most days. But she is so proud of herself that I hate to go back and fix her shirt that's on backwards and inside out and her hair that is only brushed in the front. She loves to ride her tricycle, play at the park, and blow bubbles. Her favorite foods are peanut butter and honey sandwiches, avocado, shrimp tacos, and apples and peanut butter.

The term "threenager" completely describes our independent little girl. We have wonderful moments and then we have complete meltdowns. Most of the times the meltdowns crack me up and I have a hard time not laughing while she is screaming "there is an ant on the floor!!" 5 feet away from her! Charlotte can now go to the bathroom by herself and wash her hands. And she can get herself ice water from the fridge. It's helpful that I don't have to get up every time she is thirsty or has to go potty. She loves to cuddle and be tickled. She runs into Daddy's arms when he comes home from work and says "I just love daddy!"

Another big transition has been her big girl bed! She loves her bed and doesn't realize yet that she can get in and out of bed without mom or dad there to tell her it's okay. How long do you think I can pull that off??

I could go on and on forever, but I'll just get to the pictures! Enjoy!

Rodeo Day at Preschool, Pete The Cat book project, and pictures in the Texas Bluebonnets.

Big Girl Bed, reading to her brothers, planting our garden, and those big beautiful blue eyes. 

Birthday Streamers on her door, Birthday donut and cupcakes! Tutu fun from Aunt Ramona (thanks again!)