Friday, August 8, 2014

27 weeks!

The countdown to the end has started!( At least for me anyway.) I reached my first goal which was 26 weeks when viability is greatly increased should they come early. My ultimate goal is over 36 weeks! In which case we only have 9 more weeks to go....only, ha! Needless to say I am feeling HUGE. When I look back at my belly pictures with Charlotte I look about 36 weeks with her. I am very curious to see how my body is going to change in the coming weeks and how I am going to handle it. So far, I am feeling good for the most part! I have been taking it easy and reducing my outings and activities with Charlotte. Although she is loving all the extra time at home making crafts and playing with her toys. Charlotte has been a great helper, picking stuff off the floor for me when I can't bend down to reach it :) She has been talking more and more about her baby brothers. She is currently excited to teach them how to brush their teeth and read them stories. When you ask her where her baby brothers are, she points to her belly and counts "one, two." 

Charlotte has been growing like crazy lately. She has been saying some really cute phrases. "Oh no, I'm making a mess!" and "Oh my goodness." and my favorite, "It's tickle time."  She loves playing in her kitchen and having picnics in the living room. She  takes care of her baby dolls and loves to build towers with her duplos.  She is still a little fish and loves to swim. She finished her swim lessons and I think they were worth every penny! She took the infant survival class, where they teach babies and toddlers to float on their back and swim to the edge of the pool. She loves to swim with her head under water, but still doesn't feel very comfortable floating on her back, although she can. Here are some recent pictures...