Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Sunday

      Happy Easter! Charlotte had a great Easter this year. She had an Easter party at preschool where they decorated egg cartons and then had an Easter egg hunt. She loved looking for the eggs, but had more fun opening and closing the eggs once we got home. On Easter Sunday, Charlotte found all the eggs the Easter bunny had left her and opened her Easter basket that was full of bubbles. :) Then prior to church we pumped her full of sugar with her first taste of jelly beans and peeps. After church we headed to the playground and pond to look for turtles. And Charlotte spent the rest of the day telling everyone "Jesus is Alive" and showing her cross she made at Sunday school. We hope everyone had an amazing Easter!

Friday, April 18, 2014

2 year old Charlie

Wow, okay so it has been way too long. This post is going to be overloaded with pictures...sorry! Charlotte is now 2 years old! She has changed so much in the past 6 months! She is now about 23 pounds, yay! I'm going to go into mom brag mode. :) She is such a smart and funny little girl! She can say her ABC's, and can identify almost all the letters! She can count to 18, for some reason 19 and 20 are too much right now. She has such a large vocabulary and puts sentences together. My favorite phrases of hers currently are: "5 more minutes mom" "wait a minute, that's for babies" "I want to wake up" (which she says at the beginning of bedtime and nap time). She continues to thrive and love preschool. She hugs the director as she enters the school and then tells me "this way mom" and runs to her classroom. She is always excited to tell me about her day when I pick her up. At bedtime she loves to pick out her PJ's then act out what animal is on her PJ's. My favorite is her penguin waddle, and her frog hop and "ribbit". She is just so much fun! 

Charlotte being Charlotte :)
Christmas at home.
Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Stevenson's
Playing with Grandma and Grandpa

Playing with Christmas presents.

Thanksgiving in Fort Wayne with Nana and Papaw.
Happy New Year!
Charlotte's 2nd Birthday. Rodeo Day at Preschool. 

Playing around.
Houston Rodeo.
Playing with Dad, Bath time mohawk

Ski Trip to Breckenridge. First trip without Charlie! 
Soccer in the Park. Children's museum.