Saturday, May 5, 2012

2 months!

          Happy 2 months Charlotte! This past month has been very fun, and challenging!  She had her first trip to Grandma and Grandpa's house and did really well! She even slept for 8 hours straight at night while we were there! She is developing a good schedule at night going to bed around 8 and only waking up at 3am then again at 6:30am. Then she is up and ready to play, full of smiles! She has also developed a fussy time from 5-7pm, unless she is being held or in the Ergo or Hava carriers she is not happy! She has been smiling more and more especially at her cat that lights up! She still loves her "bubbles bubbles" book and her colors book. She is also starting to mimic us, if we stick our tongue out she'll stick hers out! She is also starting to reach out to things and hit them with her hands. It's amazing to see all the new things she discovers and to hear her talk to her mobile! She did really well at her 6 week check up at the doctors, weighing 8lbs and 7 oz! She is slowly growing out of some of her newborn clothing and fits into some of her 3 month pajamas! She loves car rides and usually falls asleep as soon as I buckle her into the car seat! We have made many trips to target :) Here are some pictures from the past month, enjoy!