Monday, July 7, 2014

20/22 weeks!

22 weeks and counting! I have been feeling great, with the occasional ache and pain here and there, and the more occasional headache...Boo! The boys are getting more and more active, and Charlotte and Matt have been able to feel the babies kick! We have the cribs up and have settled on a theme for the nursery...airplanes! Which is only fitting since Matt loves flying his model airplanes and helicopters. I'm sure the passion will be passed down. 

Over the long weekend we went to the Children's museum and celebrated the 4th of July at La Centerra (outdoor mall down the street). This was the first time we kept Charlotte awake to watch the fireworks, BIG mistake...she hated the loud booms and closed her eyes the whole time. And we had a grumpy girl for the next 2 days due to lack of sleep. Maybe next year! She loved the fire truck and live band however so the night wasn't a complete loss. Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!