Saturday, January 12, 2013

10 months!

       Holy smokes how did my baby get to be 10 months old! She is getting so big, and along with getting bigger comes a bigger personality! She is starting to throw mini temper tantrums when she gets taken away from something that she wants to play with, mostly the remote control and the dishwasher...wierdo. Here is what else she has been up to this past month:
     - she stands up on EVERYTHING!
     - she cruises around the coffee table like she is running in a track meet. 
     - she loves her new y-bike that she uses as a walker right now. 
     - she had her first Christmas in Indiana where she also experienced her first snow! 
     - she still loves to dance and currently loves the song "bubble gum" from a CD Nana gave her! 
     - she still mostly says "dada" but is now saying "mama" with her tongue sticking out.
     - she claps, waves and smacks her lips. 
     - she has taken a couple steps by herself but quickly falls to her knees...but she has mastered the stairs...yikes! 
     - her favorite food at the moment is peas and of course puffs. 

Here are some pictures, enjoy! 

Celebrating Christmas in Texas before we leave for Indiana

Plane ride to Indiana...she did so good!

Christmas eve church service.

Frog and Toad are friends book and t-shirt from Uncle Andy!

Christmas morning with mama

Uncle Andy and Charlotte in matching "out of print clothing" t-shirts

all bundled up for the snow

ballerina in training

one of her favorite past times...pulling all the books off the bookshelf.